The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme

The Scheme

The government of Mauritius strongly believes that our dispersed Mauritian Diaspora community is a precious asset to our economy.

The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme has been set up with the aim to attract members of the Mauritian Diaspora back to Mauritius to participate in the economic development of the country.

Definition of Diaspora

  1. A Mauritian Diaspora member is a citizen of Mauritius holding a valid Mauritian passport, a child or grand- child of that citizen, whether the child or grand-child holds a valid Mauritian passport or not .
  2. The Mauritian Diaspora member should not be a dependent child. Dependent child is defined as the child, including the step child or lawfully adopted child, under 24 years of age.
  3. Individuals who do not hold a Mauritian passport but fit into the above definition, are also qualified as Mauritian Diaspora. The non-holders will be issued with a Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) valid for a period of 10 years, renewable.

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